1. Request file for installer download through the link: http://spinengenharia.com.br/en/contato/

2. Open the downloaded file and click Next.


3. The following screen indicates the programs not yet installed that need to be on your machine for the correct operation of Action₀NET. Click Next again.


4. Depending on the program, installation confirmation screens will appear. Click Next again, following the proposed configuration patterns.


5.Click Finish.


6. If Dot.net Framework 3.5 is not installed on the machine, the installer will perform this process automatically. Confirm the installation.

7. Click Next to begin the installation process itself.


8. On the license terms accept screen, run the sidebar down to the end. This will release the accept field from the terms. Click Next.


9. By default, the installer indicates a location for program storage. Click Next.


10. To check demo projects, we suggest installing in basic mode. In exceptional cases, contact our technical team. Click Typical.


11. Click Install.


12. It is possible that a prompt screen (black screen with codes) prompts you to click the ENTER key. Please do so.

13. Finally, click Close on the installation confirmation screen.