The process is divided in two moments: from steps 1 to 7 and from 8 to 14.

  1. Make sure that the "Never notify" option is selected in the User Account Control settings. Go to Control Panel> User Accounts> Change User Account Control settings. In the window that will open, the bar on the left should be placed in the position below, Never notify. You may need to restart your computer for the notification to take effect.
  2. Start Action₀NET.
  3. On the Action.NET main page, click License. Or go to Info > License > Register while editing a project.
  4. Click Get Site Code.
  5. Navigate to where you want to save the file, accept the default file name, and click Save.
  6. When the confirmation message appears, click OK.
  7. Compress the file (.rar) and send it to, along with the following information: the city and state where the license will be installed and the Computer ID. You can access it by following the path: Control Panel\System and Security\System. There, you can see the information in front of the Computer Name item.
  8. After you get the file with the license key back in the mail, place it in a folder on your computer or network.
  9. Start Action₀NET.
  10. On the Action₀NET main page, click License.
  11. Click Load License Key.
  12. Navigate to the folder with the license key file and select the file.
  13. Click Open.
  14. Check the License, serial number, and new license settings.