1. Procedures

Here's the step-by-step guide on how to open two Clients in a single StartUp.

1. Click Edit menu > Displays > Displays and change the Number of Monitors field to 2.

2. At the bottom, under On startup show, make the changes as shown in table 1.

First field Second field
Monitor 1
Monitor 1

Table 1: Changes to the On startup show option.

3. Next, under Desktop settings, click Clients.. and enable the Multiple windows on same computer share user logon option, which is at the bottom of the window.

4. Minimize ActionNET, go to the folder where the software was installed and go to the following directory: SPIN > ActionNET > an-2014.2. Right click on the TRichClient.exe file and choose Create Shortcut.

5. Finally, give the StartUp in the project and then click the shortcut created previously.

2. Results

If the operation succeeds, the user will see the login happening on two different screens. If this does not happen, redo the steps in the Procedures section and try again.